Andy Hopkins Photography Photo Shoot

This photo shoot was special.

Special as it was a glamour shoot and up until then, I felt I hadn’t had much glamour in my life.

Special because the green dress I had ordered online had not arrived.  Instead we used 4 meters of green chiffon and wrapped it around me to mimic my dress.

Special because Andy and Debbie made it so.  Professional, friendly and full of creativity they are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!  Check them out for fantastic results

I left feeling very glam, younger than my years and totally satisfied with the results!

H& MUA by Rachel from Halo Hair & Makeup

10386757_791839677529976_6239613720235688741_n 1796622_757668104280467_4910782825527221451_n 10384906_756207417759869_4787345770936351967_n 10636204_756817501032194_8251085336229241732_n 10676151_756207614426516_3098503812826664073_n 10455455_787904877923456_1237134798362809367_n

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