My Burlesque Journey

At a time when I was questioning absolutely everything about myself, emotionally, physically and spiritually,  I discovered burlesque.

At the time I thought I was fat, ugly and way to old for any sparkle of this sort.

My first taste was at a breast cancer fundraiser at our local hall, I was attending to support my best friend who had completed her treatment.  The entertainment was the fabulous Hootchy Kootchy girls headed by the beautiful Misty La Moore.  I was rather taken by the performances by Dixie Caramel and Soda Fontaine and remember thinking wow wish I could do that!  All that confidence, all that beauty, and all that sparkle!  So totally not how I felt about myself at the time.

After Misty placed a boa around my neck I went up on the ‘stage’ at intermission and copied what she was was doing – along with a few of NZ’s dignitaries.  Although I felt silly at the time, I liked the fact I was part of something that provided some fun in both my eyes and the audiences eyes.

As I signed up for the first Hootchy Kootchy classes (starting February 2014) I had many, many hurdles and emotions running through my mind – I was 49, overweight and held very little self esteem.  Part of me was thinking “what the hell am I doing?”  Another part was thinking “go for it – you won’t know until you try”

So I did, and this is my journey

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