My first Cat Walk

Last Saturday I did something different – I catwalk modelled for plus sized clothing at an event called Lovely Larger Ladies. We had some big NZ named brands to model and my nerves were extreme to begin with. By the end of the evening there were no nerves!

The girls I modelled with – the ones in the pictures – generally had never modelled before, let alone strut their stuff in front of a number of people, including media and several photographers. They managed to do it with poise, grace and loads of smiles. It was the best to see their confidence rise to levels that I simply had not seen before with them. At our very first get together where we all met for the very first time some ladies were simply ashamed of how they looked and just wanted to raise their self belief. Why were they ashamed? I don’t know but believe media perception played a huge part in this. All I know is that I was also there not so long ago myself. Doing this was pretty out there for them.

We had a guest speaker – This is Megan Kerr – one of the most inspiring people I know.  She was inspiring and on point. Her vivacious personally lifted many spirits higher than they were already.

12190109_934067853307157_2407254056811615_nAt one point I had three changes of clothes in as many minutes. I found out later my husband had quipped to our friends “if only she could do that at home!”

it was also the first event that included an interview with TV3. – check it out around 13 minutes

What this event taught me is this.

We are who we are. We are all beautiful ladies (YES! even you!). I saw beautiful smiles, I saw beautiful expressions, I saw beautiful shapes, and most of all I saw beautiful confidence.

11208639_934067466640529_2718434983492671472_n12184265_10154380288768957_3273929818019050078_o12227651_934067659973843_6579820073973373047_n12185058_468375640008833_6561243564264866361_oThe clothes being worn in the pictures above are from K&K Fashion  Never in a million years did I think I would be part of the banner for a National Retail outlet, but there I am with others.


Other designers included designs from my lovely friend Natalie Robb    This lady is special in more ways than one.  Not only does she make fantastic clothes, model said fantastic clothes, design the fantastic clothes but she also teaches people how to sew!  She is sew inspiring!  Check out her facebook page

Other brand’s I represented on the cat walk were The Carpenters daughter, TS, Redress by Diane Anstis and Papparazi Dolls – I love the fact your clothes get a huge, Papparazi Dolls to name a couple more.   second chance – well done you.  There will be more photos posted as time goes on.

Oh and before I forget, Kudos to the management team and the person behind the idea Jessica Jo S Closet – your idea came to fruition in such a beautiful way.

Oh by the way reader, this was a NZ first event!

So lets cut to the chase and show you all some of the garments that were on display!

DSC_9035This is a K&K outfit – and the first outfit off the block for me!  I loved how comfortable this felt to wear and received many compliments on the color.

DSC_9147This dress is a Papparazzi Dolls outfit, a delightful wrap around dress

,  DSC_9085TS14 Loved this style

DSC_9165A new comer launched that very night – Redress – clothing with a second chance

DSC_9224I just loved this two piece bathing suit from TS14 so much that I think I will get one!

I have so many favorites worn by the other ladies, don’t they look fab?

DSC_9030The first thing that impressed me with this outfit was how well it draped over Sarah.  Pink and Black always looks so smart and this is no exception.  Sarah looks so pretty and vibrant in this outfit from K&K Fashions

DSC_9059The blue in this outfit just POP’s and the shrug that goes with it ties (see what I did there…pun) it all together.  Regina looks great in this K&K outfit


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