Who do you think you are?

The whole world makes me angry at times.

People compare people to other people, people hurt each other and generally suck at building one another up, let alone themselves. They self doubt, tear them selves down and they tipple topple between ‘coping’ mentally and not.

Any sort of shaming is not cool, not even if it comes from yourself.

Recently, I had my first hater on social media.  I posted a picture of me where my tiger stripes were exposed.  At first I was oh  my first hater (and was kinda proud of it) and then it sunk in.

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?


What the f*#k gives another the right to tear you down.  Just who do you think you are?  We are all even on this planet.  We are all similar and we all (co) exist.  We are all human and no doubt at some stage we all feel incredibly judged, and for a split second I felt judged.

This is like comparing Ocean’s to Lake’s. There are similarities but, thankfully, both are are different. Although we may love ourselves; a population of people wont love who we are and that is ok. Acceptance is key.

I said for a split second. That’s how long it took before I brushed off the comments made. That’s how long it took for me to think “their problem not mine” and shortly after I realised how much I have grown since I started performing in 2014.

People like me (many years ago) find ‘lifes’ comparisons difficult to swallow.  It’s that big pill that is stuck in your throat.  It makes you choke, it makes you turn blue.  You hold your breath and hope you conform…..that you fit in.

Is this really the way society should be?

No. No not at all. We all are at different stages, we all are going through different things, emotions and all have our own quirkiness – kink if you like.

And that is alright.

Accept you for who you are. Accept your life stage for what it is; and for goodness sake, accept that it is ok.

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