Smitten by Kittens

How many times have you been to a show, enjoyed the performances and found the stage kitten to be just as funny, sassy and sexy?

Some view kittens of lessor importance when compared to performers, but like the MC, Kittens in my humble opinion, are a staple part of the show.

They entertain, they perform, they provide the link between the performers acts and the MC. They clean the stage, they set up the stage, they do up costumes, they encourage and they help make the show run smoothly.

They are as equally important as the MC, the lighting person, the sound person and the performers. They are part of the crew and are one of the many faces of the productions.

Yet so many people feel they have been let down, or didn’t make the grade to perform. They view their role as one of a poor cousin.

Stage kittens are show glue, they are important, and they matter. No one should think otherwise.

If you are offered a kitten role embrace it with pride, it means you are trusted enough to cement the show.

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