Back stage Madness

The rumors are true, back stage madness does exist.

It exists in many many forms.  Us creative types are like that.

Whether it be a private joke, and awkward situation or a private moment, cruising back stage has taught me a lot.  ALOT.

Teaching number one –

Although we are all up on stage, we don’t all want our mugs featuring on photo’s or videos online.  Why wouldn’t we?

Because some of us are teachers, some of us are police “people” (how pc was that – very unlike me?), some of us are trying the stage for the first time and simply some of us just aren’t ready to be launched into cyber space as a performer.

Always tap on a shoulder -ask “is it ok?” before you snap and post on line and before you start that face book live video; you don’t want to piss people off and it’s the “done thing” right?

Teaching number two

Don’t lose your shit back stage.  No I don’t mean your temper… I mean your shit, your stuff, the items that belong to you.  Keep them in a small area, tidy like.  It is not only an inconvenience to others but if you are like me, it kinda makes you out of sorts if you can’t find stuff and it’s spread from here to there.  Also; it’s really really great getting back home and thinking “where the hell did I put that”  only to find it’s lost.  I am extremely bad at leaving cell phone adapters and chargers at venues and that gets expensive.  So clean up after yourself and put that shit away.

Teaching number three

Don’t lose your shit back stage version two.  Yes your temper.  Very unprofessional and yes I have been there.  I was so pissed at a fellow performer I had spent the day with I just about lost it back stage.  It was an accumulation of resentment I had building up throughout the day (much like hot lava in a volcano) I just about erupted over something insignificant.  A little voice in my head said “stop, breathe and let it go” and although I had clenched teeth I did let it slide on the night.

Losing shit back stage is very very uncool.  Be polite

Teaching number four

Be prepared.  Well as prepared as you can be.  Take everything you need and more.  Safety pins, hot glue gun, needle and thread etc.  Although others will have stuff there you can borrow or permanently borrow (like spirit gum) its not a good look to keep on borrowing stuff back stage.

Teaching number five

Maintain some dignity back stage.  Alright yes we all are tits up (or out) but that doesn’t mean you need to be rude or obnoxious.   It doesn’t bode well.

Teaching number six

Give thanks.

Give thanks to everyone; from the producer to the janitor, for gods sake without them you would not be there. You would not be performing period.  They are all important.  It is not all about you hunny bunny.

Teaching number seven

Have fun!  fool around, laugh and be good to one another.  Be respectful and love the crew you are with.

After NZBF 2017 (where Viridian Mint did this – instigated by Jasmine Tease) I have adopted a “pow wow” for back stage with stupidness abound – this (hopefully) releases nerves for some and makes others laugh.

Have fun, have fun and then have more fun.

Teaching number eight

Don’t gossip.  Never.

I was performing at an event when I overheard gossip about a producer and their relationship status/breakup/mental well being.  I was horrified to hear such things back stage and wondered what gossip (if any) could be said about me.  Also it is not a good idea to over drink or over indulge in substances backstage.  No matter what you think people can smell it and it can cloud your judgment on what you say and how.

If you are going to gossip take it behind closed doors and not in public; no matter how quiet you speak.

Teaching number nine

Help one another.  Compliment genuine compliments to one another.

Teaching number ten

Make friends.  I love back stage-ness; many a new friendship has been formed back stage and many a friendship has been renewed.

Well that’s it folks, my top ten for the back stage bat shit crazy teachings from back stage – what are yours?

Ps here is a link to backstage at the last Hootchy Kootchy event for 2017

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