Go for “it”

I feel like I am in a weird space right now.

I have applied for shows that are both local and international ; I am building a database of truely wonderful performers to interview during 2018 and I have two new acts – one completely new and the other performed once with a costume malfunction.

I am over extending my “safe zone” and in turn starting to grow as a performer and, whilst slightly envious, am in awe of those I know that are doing well within the industry.

I have been here before; as many of my idols surely have before me. It part of the process; the development process.

So as I lie her at 4am on a public holiday, mulling over stuff in my mind, I know I must be doing something right to get this far, and I know I will do something right to move forward.

But will it appeal? Is “it” what the industry wants? Time will tell.

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