S.E.L.F Promotion

We all ponder about self promotion at some stage – if you say you haven’t then your lying.

As a performer, self promotion is key – from the way you stand and move during your performance; to photoshoots and blogs. It’s a little like a Disney fairytale – you wish upon a Starr for it to work out.

It’s the same thing in muggle life…. Remember that boy or girl you wanted to impress in your teens? Or that job you really wanted? Promotion? The list is endless. What did we do to try and gain that attention?

You may (or may not have) noticed that I have been more active this year on social media – I have been doing a fair bit of self promotion (a concept so very very foreign to me).  It is hard, more than hard, difficult doesn’t even begin to define it, not in the slightest.

So I broke my media plan down so it not only promotes myself, but others (internationally and nationally).  I also became mindful of my own “SELF code” to use – I think it applies to non muggle and muggle life.

S = Sacred.  Regard yourself and everyone else being promoted as sacred.  It gives respect, and you deserve that.  End of story and no exceptions.

E = Easy.  For my blogs/self promotion articles I try to make it easy for the reader/viewer to see and read without being offensive or awkward. An example I think of is nudity. Yeah yeah I know I’m a Burlesque dancer an element of nudity goes without saying; but, I have teenage sons and don’t think they need to see ( usually involuntary) pictures of me in this fashion.

L = Liveable; could I live with myself if this went viral? What could be the consequences for me and the reader if it did? That’s a big IF by the way.

F = Frugal – am talking word Frugal here. I feel any blog or self promotion I write (with the exception of interviews) should be Frugal – if they are too long my audience may get bored – Yawn! In a muggle life situation you may want to be Frugal with time for example (and time budget).

So that’s it folks. The formula I try to abide by. I would love to hear your tips on self promotion be it muggle or non muggle.

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