Balls and Spines

I have a gripe (that’s gripe not grope).

In the wake of the Auckland Pride Festival,  I found myself observing social media debates over unrelated topics getting heated – with blatant pulling of the “your judging me on my sexual preference” card.

To be blunt, in most circumstances it was unrelated, unwarranted and unnecessary.  Can we as a society stop ourselves from doing this or is that an impossibility?

Now I know I am putting my head on the chopping block with this – I love our GLBT in and grew up in Ponsonby (where the festival is currently positioned) during the 60’s, 70’s and part of the 80’s (I had to leave the nest at some time!).

Growing up and from a very young age I saw most of what is happening now a days in the GLBT before it became more acceptable to society as well as the goings on of pimps and prostitutes of the day.

I guess I grew up in quite a different world to most between the ages of 0-16 years of age, but it was the norm for me and that was all that mattered. Back then it was the judgement of the GLBT community by those who didn’t understand that shaped some of the fabric of society, through bullying tactics – turning to where we as a society are today.

From what I have seen lately it seems some think it is a personal vendetta against the GLBT community when someone disagrees on a very different topic.  This is not so.  We all have opinions on everything and we may all be right from our perspective, or not.  But that is all it is – an opinion and not a dig at a beautiful group of people.

I love Rainbows, GLBT and all it stands for and I have the balls to stand up for them – but I also have to spine to speak up for others too.  I like it when people play nicely – hell I even enjoy a good debate, but when it turns nasty for no reason that sexual preference and assumptions made, well that is just not cool..NOT cool.




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