Act one – part one

Avner Eisenberg

“Don’t ask or tell the audience how they feel or think. Have an emotional experience and invite the audience to join in your reaction”

(Part one of a two part blog)

It’s currently 3.15am here in little old New Zealand; I can’t sleep.

I hear the familiar sounds and silence for this time and try to relax.

Nope. My mind won’t let me have a bar of this.

Instead, it wanders down that familiar path of niggling doubt and fear new(ish) acts bring to the surface.

I made a conscious decision to crack open and develop two new acts in 2018 without delay.

One concept act has been accepted by two international festivals – meaning I have to get my act together and move full steam ahead. This baby demands high attention and the pressure is on. The caliber I must aspire to is first class – something I have not considered I achieved in the past – and I am aware that in order to achieve this I must relax.

Kinda an oxymoron if you ask me.

First class +

High attention +


Doesn’t seem right. But it is.

If I don’t relax the whole thing becomes a chore. If it becomes a chore it becomes stressful. If it becomes stressful it shows in every respect.

So relax I must.

There is a basic saying I am mindful of “if you fail to plan you plan to fail” and it’s true.

Planning helps me to relax. It provides direction, it provides processes and it encourages creativity.

Planning in non muggle life begins with research – A powerful tool and essential. This act may only be 5 minutes long but it must be unique and all mine. No

  • plagiarism,
  • copycating
  • opportunity for someone else to call me out on it.

Research is to be embraced; it’s a total machine.

So where do I start? I take steps. Some baby and some giant. Lists help.

For new acts I consider;

  1. Classic or Neo
  2. Music
  3. Costume (covered in part two)
  4. Choreography (covered in part two)

1. Classic or Neo?

Easy you might think and in most instances it is. Don’t be surprised though if your concept develops into two acts like a recent one of mine did (hence two new acts this year). Also don’t be surprised if what you thought would be a classic develops into a Neo act and vice versa. Be prepared for that.

2. Music

Again you might think this is easy. Research copy-write on your chosen music. Consider making up your own. What story (if any) do you want to tell? What length should the music be (I contain mine to 5 minutes or less).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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