Act one – part two

“If you’re on stage wearing an item just because you’ve seen someone else wear something similar and you think it looks pretty, you might be missing a trick. You might also be embarrassing yourself by failing to acknowledge an inherent purpose or cultural significance to a prop or a piece of costume”

Beatrix Von Bourbon

So you have your concept and music – now what?

  1. Costume
  2. Choreography


Like Beatrix said, don’t just wear something you saw on someone else because you think it might look pretty.

*I feel you eye roll from here*

Believe me many a time I have salivated over pretty costumes that are just so dam perfectly glittery. Unfunctional – but gorgeous. I hate to admit it but I have made the mistake myself – on more than one occasion. The outfit looked pretty but just didn’t work on stage (but if course I would have found that out if I had the time to rehearse in said costume)

Which brings me on to my next point. Reserve to plenty of time to rehearse in your costume. If your using a costumier ensure they gave it made in plenty of time (this one time a costumier handed over my costume on show date – a month later than planned – as there was a celebrity news event that upset them even though they were not involved and did not know the people personally. Suffice to say that costume failed on stage).

Do your research. Question everything not once, but twice or more. Is it going to work? Will it do what you intend it to do? Does it have the right character feel? Will the audience know who or what you are? Consider your budget, will your costume fit the budget? What environment will this act be performed in?

Again, without research you could be playing with fire – consider the infamous Blackface walk out. They may have researched how but did they research the effect?



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