Chord struck or Awe struck

It’s been a little while since my last blog. Work and life moved in from my muggle life for a brief while.

So as I lay here at 4am (yes again) I wonder – what do my fans and friends like about me and my acts.

I ponder this for some time – after all I am in the midst of developing two acts this year; a classic and a neo and I want them both to be on point.

I look towards some of my stage reels – is it my “stage face” they like? Is it the way I move? Is it the fact I am well “rounded”, old, or just sometimes fashionably out of kilter slightly with the music (very occasionally). Is it my personal humour or the backstage snaps I take and share.

Or do I strike a “chord” with them when I perform, or are they in Awe?

As a performer it is difficult to tell what the audience is thinking (audience includes the social social media post readers as well as those who are behind the scenes) and the is a whole lotta assumptions made. I assume, for example, that if you aren’t hooting and hollering at shows the act is a level of brilliance that you are in awe. Sometimes I know that assumption is not correct, but can I pick it? No.

Social media is a little tricky. Facebook, for example, requires the audience to engage in the page, ie to like posts, to comment and share. So does my audience genuinely like what I wrote or are they liking the post to keep receiving updates.

I don’t know to be truthful. But I do know this:

I love performing and I do it for both me and you, the audience.

I love taking the reactions to my posts. They are made for both myself and my audience.

Without my audience – would I love it so much? I suspect not.

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