Golden Moments

As I sit here, at my desk for my muggle job without a computer (they are broken yet again) my mind drifts to the most exciting thing to happen in my performing career.

Acceptance as a Showcase Performer at the Golden Legend Champion Challenge. (GLCC)

In a nutshell the GLCC is a hybrid show that brings together spectacular Burlesque living legends Judith Stein, Gabriella Maze, Madam E, Tiffany Carter, Miss Botero, Dusty Summers, Tigger, Egypt Black Knye, Sweetpea and Matt Finish with Global up and coming Burlesque performers forming a mentor program that benefits not only all those involved but the international Burlesque community at large. The Proteges are paired with a legend and mentored during the lead up to their performance.

For those who applied and did not get selected as a Protege, they may have been offered a Showcase slot in the showcase show; which is what I have been selected for. This excites me beyond belief. Although I was not selected as a Protege, I have opportunities to not only meet the legends, be around the legends, and attend valuable workshops run by these legends, I also have the opportunity to share with our brilliant NZ community the knowledge gained from this experience.

And that is what I am looking forward to the most.

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