I don’t know how to say this but I have an announcement to make. It may come across a little muddled, as I cry while writing this post.

I know we all think this at times, but I have made some decisions for next year and beyond surrounding my burlesque life. I will get straight to the point.

2018 will be my final year of burlesque. The last show I have scheduled is October 25 2018 in Auckland.

I am retiring and hanging up the pasties on that night and I will be putting all of my costumes up for sale shortly after.

As I look around at my muggle life, my family, my sewing and my work I realise through burlesque I have accepted myself as I am and that is a brilliant achievement. Burlesque has served its purpose in that regard.

In other ways it has given me life, friendships and spark. But has enabled me to neglect so many other aspects of my life that now I need to work with. Health, family and friends.

I love my time on the stage, and I love all of my followers and friends, but for now I need to focus on what else is important in my life.

I may return in the future in some capacity but for now that is not my intention.

Thank you all for understanding,

2 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Oh my goodness I wan’t expecting that! But so good to read that you’ve achieved so much from your journey so far. AND I understand about the neglect thing. In my case, it is a much needed distraction and source of a sense of success and achievement that balances out other less functioning parts of my life. I imagine one day when those are working I may do the same! I do hope you’ll stay around though, I will miss you horribly xoxo


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