Aftermath – take two!

I don’t know how or why but something f#$C%d up.

My Aftermath post just disappeared.  It went Poof!  Gone.  Like that idea I had in my head 5 minutes ago.

It’s a real WTAF to me.

So here it is again, consolidated maybe – different to the original post: definitely.

My aftermath affecting only me.


Lesson 1.

Don’t emotionally publish.  By this I mean, have a cooling period.  I have two significant health issues in my family at the moment and quitting burlesque was a knee jerk reaction to this.  I need the time & I need the space.  I need to focus on them: period.

But I did emotionally publish and it turned out  more like a Sergeant Major shouting orders.  I am sure you the reader could read the anguish and self hate/doubt that was going on at the time and I duly apologise.  It should never have happened.


Yep you don’t get rid of me that fast.  Fuckit duckit, I’ll be back when these elements out of my control are resolved.  And when I come back I’ll be different in so many ways #vaguebooking much?  You’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime I have time to develop two areas that have been so dear to my heart.

Lesson 2

Trust your instincts, but be prepared.

My instincts told me something had to give, and it did.  What I was not prepared for was the total saturation of messages, good wishes and outright empathy from the community as a whole (including people from my fan base).

I cried.  Then I cried more, and then some more again.  I had not planned for this and the reality of the virtual death of my alter ego started to sink in.

Lesson 3

Don’t do this again. OK? Just step back.  That’s it.  My shine has dimmed with a splash of depression thrown in but it will be back soon enough.  I am a sensitive wee soul it seems.

What now?

Well you know how I said earlier I have time to develop two areas dear to my heart?  Well as I get out of my depressed moppy stage you will see a lot more of them –


Foundation Threads

Totally looking forward to getting this into the limelight.  Featuring glittery outfits and “normal” everyday items made.  I already have two models organised for promotion next year and will be looking for a few more (oh and a photographer or two as well!).  I want to specialise in corsets/shapewear and underwear so watch this space!


Unique Ability Make up by Beth

Yes you heard that right.  The one person who sucks at makeup is selling and promoting it.  I took it on as I actually love the freaking stuff, and Younique is in line with my values (no animal testing etc and a money back right of return if you order the wrong stuff!).  Please please follow my page and watch me make a dick of myself as I learn!

So that’s it.  Hopefully the internet God’s will not lose my blog this time, think I’ll save it to google drive just in case (laughter)

Oh, before I forget, although I am coming back I am downsizing my costumes ( feel free to check it out!

PPS – I am still feeling very down about what is happening at the moment and would love your feedback,

PPPS my interviews will spark up soon!



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